Frequently Asked Question


  • What services does Priority Crypto provide?
  • What fees do you charge?
  • I want a BATM in my location
  • I have purchased bitcoin (or litecoin) but it doesn't show up in my wallet. When will I receive it?
  • Priority Crypto is a network of Bitcoin ATMs throughout Canada. We facilitate the sale and purchase of Bitcoin and Litecoin.

    At the moment our machines only allow the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and Litecoin with cash.

  • We provide a volume-based tiered structure which allows lower fees for larger transactions. Current rates are updated as you insert the notes into the ATMs and are based on average indexes.

    Please contact us via email or phone or check out our listings on CoinATMRadar for specific transaction fees.

    The blockchain will also need to cover a mining fee in order for your cryptocurrencies to be broadcasted on the network.

  • We are happy to talk with you about placing a BATM in your location. Please contact us via email or phone.

  • Sometimes it takes some time for transactions to come up due to network congestion. This may take several hours. Please contact us via email or phone if you haven't received anything in over 24 hours.


  • Bitcoin/Litecoin Wallets
  • Blockchain
  • A bitcoin/litecoin wallet is program where bitcoins (or litecoin) are stored. Wallets allow you to send and receive bitcoin (or litecoin) to other people, services, or websites.

    A bitcoin/litecoin wallet can come in many forms; android, iphone, mobile, web, desktop and hardware wallet.

  • A blockchain is public (or private) ledger where all records are kept and added in chronological order. It allows market participants to keep track of all digital transactions.

    Bitcoin has a public blockchain which allows you to access all transactions including your own.